My Partner Suffers With ED – Some Advice

Erectile Dysfunction is common and is an issue for both men and their partners but there are ways to approach this, and approaching it together is often the best way forward.

Are you worried about the reasons why your partner suffers with ED and you don’t know what to do? Follow our tips below on how to best support your partner and to get your lovelife back on track.

Don’t take it Personal

You are not to blame. If your partner suffers with ED, it has nothing to do with you. Many women think like they are the reason behind their partners ED, but this isn’t true at all. They feel like their partners are not interested in them, they are bored of them or they are seeing other women. This is a physical issue and it is important to remember this.

Have a conversation

Conversation is the key to a healthy relationship. Talk about his issues and why he thinks it may be happening. Also, tell him that there is no shame if a partner suffers with ED and there are treatments for this issue. Talk to him in a way that shows him that you love him, and you are going to support him, always. Try to take the pressure off both of you.

Try different things

If you can’t have sex then it is not the end of the world, or even your relationship, you can still enjoy a sex life with your partner. Ramp up foreplay, watch something sexy or find new ways to enjoy each other. You can consider opening up about what gives you pleasure. You can also ask him what turns him on the most.

Encourage him to be Healthy 

Encourage your partner to be happy and healthy. Just like a healthy mind has a healthy body, a healthy body has a healthy penis. Encourage him to eat healthy and exercise – exercise will stave off stress and anxiety, which may have been the cause initially. A healthy diet and minimum alcohol will also improve not just overall health, but possibly the ED condition.

Go with him to the Doctor

Encourage your partner to go to his GP and offer to go with him too. Make him feel that you are there for him and you will help him in this journey. There is a possibility that your partner has had his ego dented somewhat, so support during this time is crucial.

Be Patient

An Erectile Dysfunction condition will not disappear overnight unless the individual issues are pinpointed and addressed. Even then, ‘returning to normal’ is a long process. Don’t be frustrated by this, or at least conceal your frustrations – if your partner believes you are struggling, this will add pressure to perform. Just reiterate how much you love him and continue to be supportive.

Get Help

There are many ED solutions out there and a little blue pill could be the remedy required. Sales in ED treatments have soared in recent years and there are 2 good reasons for that – A large percentage of males suffer with ED, and ED treatments work!

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