Living with ED – A Woman’s Point of View

Emotions can run high for men when they cannot achieve an erection. Maybe more important are the feelings of their partner, because having a partner with ED can be just as emotionally challenging for women as it is for men. 

“Living with ED – A Woman’s Point of View” explores this common problem from a woman’s perspective and provides a few tips on how to help your partner come to terms with what is happening.

Having a Partner with ED – A Woman’s Point of View

For a woman, a man’s inability to achieve or maintain an erection and the frustration this is causing him can be difficult to understand or, according to what many men suffering from ED say, even begin to imagine.

It can also feel incredibly personal. Feeling somehow responsible, a woman may, for instance, think “I am no longer attractive to him”, “He doesn’t fancy me anymore” or “He’s bored with me”.

The first thing to remember (and make clear to your partner) is therefore that this is NOBODY’S fault: Erectile dysfunction is usually caused by one or more underlying causes and it is highly unlikely that any of the above notions are among these causes.

According to relationship & sex expert Dr Ian Kerner, the person a man is having sex with is, in fact, the least likely reason for his erectile dysfunction (unless, of course, there are serious problems within the relationship, which may cause enough stress to result in this problem).

Living with ED: Helping Your Partner

Helping your partner come to terms with this issue should therefore begin with both of you learning (together) as much as possible about ED, what the potential causes are and how it can be treated. Discuss possible lifestyle changes, medical and alternative treatments and, if possible, go to the doctor’s together to get to the root of the problem.

Other things you can do to help her (and, of course, yourself) include:

  • Letting her know how much you value and care for her. Reassure her that your ED is not a reflection on her femininity, that it makes no difference to the way you feel about her and that you will get through this together.
  • Talking about both your and her feelings. This is affecting both of you and, like with anything else that happens in your relationship, talking about these things can be extremely helpful in overcoming barriers – and will ultimately serve to make you feel closer.
  • Staying positive. Always remember that this is a very common, treatable condition and discuss what both of you need/want and how to fulfil those needs/wants bearing this in mind.
  • Being patient. There are many different treatments that can help with ED, but as effective as these treatments are, they may not work “instantly” and, let’s face it, even at the best of times, erections simply do not happen “on command”, so do remember to be patient and give whatever treatment you decide on time to work without putting excessive pressure onto yourself.
  • Adjusting your sex life. Finding new ways of pleasing and satisfying one another without relying on intercourse to “do the deed” will take the pressure of “having to perform” off you while simultaneously ensuring that the woman in your life continues to feel desirable and fulfilled.
  • Keeping up Intimacy within Your Relationship. Intimacy and feeling close to one another is not just about sex but about doing things together. Shared interests, be they hobbies, volunteering, movies or sports, will bring (and keep) you closer, so get out there and have some fun doing these things together – and do make regular time to:
  1. Be alone together to simply chat, watch a romantic movie together or just “kiss & cuddle”
  2. Share romantic, candle-lit dinners, baths or, better still, both
  • Go for walks together (preferably holding hands or with your arms around each other)
  • Seeing a counsellor. If ED and the changes surrounding it worry the two of you, seeing a professional therapist together to talk about what’s troubling you also can be extremely beneficial.

Finally, why not ensure this does not become an issue for both of you? Purchase an ED Treatment from ManGo today, our fast delivery will arrive in a non-branded package and will allow you to be totally confident in the bedroom.

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