How To Maintain Optimum Mental Health During Covid19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic has turned our lives upside down. Each and every area of life has been badly affected due to lockdown or fear of contracting Coronavirus.

There has been a significant impact on both financial and emotional aspects of life. It is not easy to maintain mental health during Covid 19 and many people are suffering from depression and anxiety.

If you are also suffering from mental health during the Covid19 pandemic, then here are a few tips from our side:

  • Distract Your Mind

The first thing that you can do is to distract your mind. Keep your mind busy by doing something you enjoy. If you can set a target (complete that jigsaw, finish that DIY project…) then you also give yourself a mental reward on completion.

  • Connect with Your Friends and Family

It’s times like this we can be thankful for the digital innovations of the last decade. Stay connected with friends and family and make it as positive an experience as you can for all. You can use Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp video calls to connect with the people you love. Also, when you talk with your friends ask them about their mental health during Covid-19 or if they need any help.

  • Exercise and Eat Healthy

This is really important because we have to keep a check on both our mental and physical health. Don’t take your physical health lightly. We know that going to the gym is not an option currently, but you can still exercise at home. If you can, try to make time every day for exercise. There are many personal trainers offering videos that show you how to exercise efficiently at home, in a confined space and with no equipment.

Watching what you eat and drink is important too. The work from home culture that many of us are now in might suggest it’s ok to have a drink – it feels like a Saturday night every night right? Wrong. Take it easy with alcohol, both your liver and mind will thank you.

  • Take an Online Course

Now is an excellent time to take an online course and add to your skillset. This could be for yourself or to further your career, but either way, you are keeping your mind active. It’s also pretty inspiring and you may inadvertently help others that know you. Focus on something attainable and achievable, and reap the benefits!

  • Be Easy on Yourself

You have to learn to be easy on yourself. If you are having negative thoughts or you have anxiety, you are not alone. The entire population has never encountered such a time and many are struggling. It’s OK to not be OK… But make sure that you look for help if you are struggling.

There are many organisations and helplines that are geared up to help with mental health issues. If you can, open up to someone close to you – a friend or family member. Struggling with mental health is nothing to be ashamed of and you probably have many people ready to support you.

Still struggling? Some useful helplines below.

Samaritans   116 123

Mental Health (SANE)   0845 767 8000

Mental Health (MIND)   0300 123 3393

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