Hair Loss Myths and Facts: Busting Common Myths About Hair Loss

Hair loss and male pattern baldness (MPB) are surrounded by numerous myths – and this list of hair loss myths and facts will bust some of the most common myths about hair loss and MPB…

Common Myths About Hair Loss

Myth: Hair loss is caused by certain styling products or washing your hair too often.

Fact: Unless you are styling/scrubbing your hair with a wire brush, styling products and shampoos will not make your hair fall out.

Myth: You can make your hair grow again by stimulating circulation all around your hair follicles with scalp massages.

Fact: While scalp massages will doubtlessly make you feel great, there have yet to be studies to confirm that they promote regrowth of hair.

Myth: Using blow dryers makes your hair fall out.

Fact: While excessive use of a hot-air dryer may make your hair appear thinner by causing it to get brittle and break, using a blow dryer does not cause hair loss.

MPB Hair Loss Myths and Facts

Myth: The genes responsible for MPB are always passed down the maternal line of the family, i.e. if your Mum’s father lost his hair, so will you.

Fact: MPB genes can be inherited from both parents.

Myth: MPB affects only old men.

Fact: MPB can cause hair loss any time (starting post-puberty), although you may not notice it until you reach your mid-twenties. It just looks like it affects only older men because the loss is gradual and more advanced stages do not become apparent for years. The earlier hair loss commences, however, the more severe the “final result” is likely to be.

Myth: There are no effective treatments to reduce MPB.

Fact: Finasteride 1mg tablets are clinically proven to effectively reduce hair loss in 9 out of 10 men with MPB.
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